Wael Abd-Elnaser

My name is wael . From Egypt.  I graduated from languages and translation faculty. Al azahr university . Islamic studies department. And i have a Diploma in  education .I memorize the Qur'an with tajwid.I have also ijazh.  plus i can teach the Islamic studies because i have experience in teaching. I was working also as a Qur'an teacher for two years .

Sara Hatem


I am Sarah Hatem . I am from Egypt, I studied Arabic language and Islamic studies at faculty of Dar-alaLoum Cairo University. I worked as a proof reader at Dar Al tassel from 2011 to 2012 and at Arabic college from 2015 to 2016 . I also worked as an arabic teacher for non native speakers at kaimah centre from 2016 to 2017 . i started working at Aarak institute in October 2020 .I also learnt the whole Quran by heart and I got IjAZA in the narration of Hafs from Sayed Al mursalin institute for Quran and Islamic studies in 2013 . I have been teaching the Quran to children in the mosque for two years .

Rahma Elnagar

I am from EGYPT)>
Studied at Al-Azhar University, Egypt
7years experience in teaching Quran, 
1year experience in teaching Arabic language and Islamic studies.

Hanem Elkafrawy

I am Hanem Hassan from Egypt, I graduated from faculty of Arts, Spanish department, Helwan university. I have three years experience in teaching Arabic language and Quran.I have Ijazah in Qaeda Nuraniah. I study Islamic studies at Dar Al-Arkam .


Soy Hanem Hassan de Egipto. Yo gradué desde la facultad de Letras, el departamento de la lengua española, la facultad de Helwan. 
Tengo tres años de experiencia en la enseñanza de la lengua Árabe and Qurán. Obtuvo Ijaza en Qaeda Nuraniah. He Estudiado en un instituto de estudios islámicos llamado  Dar Al-Arkam. 

Mohamed Samy

I am Mohamed Samy from Egypt, I graduated from Dar-alaLoum faculty Cairo University, I have a bachelor’s degree of Arabic language and Islamic studies, I have a Diploma in education and I have three years experience in teaching Arabic language. I memorized the whole Quran and I have two IjAZA in narration Hafs, I have eight years experience in teaching Quran.

Rania Elsaedy

I am Rania Mohamed from Egypt.
Holds a certificate for teaching (Nour al-Bayan) to the Arabs.
I'm teaching ( Noor al-Bayan) curriculum to non-Arabic speakers.
I'm teaching Tajweed in both of Arabic and English.
Five years experience in teaching Quran.
One year experience in teaching Nour Al-Bayan.