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Our Features

Why You Choose Us ?

Competitive rates for service

Our institute distinguished by the competitive rates for the educational standards. We provide free classes and there are also surprises for students. 

Distinctive blog

We have a blog replete with interesting articles in all the Sharʻῑ [legal] and linguistic fields that any Muslim needs.   

Variety of study materials

We teach the Holy Quran including; recitation, memorization, Tajweed, and the I'jaza. We provide courses in Arabic, in all its branches, including; Nahw [syntax], Sarf [morphology], and Arabic rhetoric from zero to the professional level of the language. We also offer sessions for learning different dialects; Egyptian Arabic, Shāmi dialect [Levantine Arabic], Moroccan dialect, and khalῑji [Gulf] dialects. Our institute characterized by offering Arabic to IGCSE studentsinits both sections, for Arabic and non-Arabic speakers. As we provide courses in Islamic sciences, including; Fiqh [Islamic law], Aqīdah [Doctrine], Sῑrah [Prophet's biography], Tafsῑr [Exegesis], and Hadῑth's sciences. In addition, we teach Arabic for all purposes; business, commerce, tourism, and diplomatic spheres.      

 Unique library

  We have a unique library, for all materials of study as it helps the teacher in the teaching.  

Professional and qualified teachers

Most of our teachers are graduates from Al-Azhar University and specialized in their fields. As they have great experience in teaching, using creative and interactive educational approaches.   

About Us

    Al-ʼārāk is the tree of Al-Siwāk [tooth- stick]. The Prophet (Peace be upon him) said: "If it were not that it would be difficult on my nation, then I would have commanded them to use the Siwāk for each prayer." The importance of studying in our institute is the same as the importance of using the Siwāk for each prayer according to the Prophet's Hadith and that's why we chose this title [ʼārāk]. ʼArāk is an educational institute, specializing in teaching the Holy Qurʼan with Tajweed, Arabic, and Islamic studies for non-Arabic speakers. The study at our institute based on the proficiency which enables Muslim to recite Qurʼan properly, learn the religion, and be aware of the Arabic language that facilitates understanding the Quran's meanings and knowing the right religion. In addition, we help you to grasp the Prophet's Hadῑths (PBUH) correctly and learn about his biography. We provide courses in the religion fundamentals, including; Fiqh [Islamic law], Tajweed, Tafsῑr, Aqīdah [Doctrine] and other Islamic sciences. In our institute, we provide the I'jaza of Holy Quran and learning the language for various purposes such as commerce, business, tourism, and Media. We also offer classes for learning different dialects; Modern Standard Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, Levantine Arabic, and Moroccan Arabic. The Study in our institute is offered Online to make it easier to learn the Holy Quran, Arabic and the branches of religion for all people. Our teachers at ʼArāk Institute are considered among the best teachers in their specialties as they are graduates and certified by Al-Azhar Al-Sharῑf. If you want to be among whom the Prophet [PBUH] said: "The best among you are those who learn the Quran and teach it". We are honored and pleased to contact us and join our institute.  

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